e-future an innovative and adaptive ELT publisher. Products developed with the EFL learner in mind.

About e-Future

e-future Ltd. is an innovative and adaptive ELT publisher. We research, develop and design our products with the EFL learner in mind. Our materials have been proven by EFL teachers and students alike and incorporate both modern teaching methodologies with cutting edge technology to better support English language learners academically, emotionally and creatively.


School Adventures

School Adventures is a fun-to-read series of comic readers offering engaging stories that help with developing English language skills. Students will find themselves learning new vocabulary, experiencing important grammar structures and sharpening their reading skills. The stories have been specifically written for EFL/ESL learners  with the goal of making reading fun. The stories revisit Jack, his sister Bella, and their dog Ace. Join them as they spend a summer at  camp, go on mysterious adventures while reading classic stories, and learn about science with Dad’s newest invention. With School Adventures, students will learn about social studies, literature, and science in new, exciting ways.


Magic Adventures

Magic Adventures is a fun-to-read set of comic readers  offering key English learning skills. Readers will find themselves  learning new vocabulary, experiencing important grammar structures in a  natural context, and sharpening their reading skills all while having  fun reading exciting stories. e-future Graded Comic readers are written  especially for EFL/ESL learners with the goal of making reading fun.  Magic Adventures introduces Jack, his sister Bella, their mysterious dog  Ace, and a strange girl with a number of secrets named Olivia. Join  them as they have exciting adventures in school, faraway lands, and  around the world. Magic Adventures will prove that reading is fun.


e-future Classic Readers

e-future Classic Readers is a collection of classic stories carefully  retold for English language learners. Each story has been specially  written to preserve the voice of the original author while still keeping  the stories accessible through controlled grammar and vocabulary  leveling.


e-future PYP Readers

e-future PYP Readers is based around three  simple principles: explore, reflect and apply through literature. It is a  six-level series of readers that are designed to complement any  inquiry-based classroom setting, particularly aimed at primary years  programs. Each book is beautifully illustrated and has rich,  content-packed stories that make perfect jumping off points in  cross-curricular lessons. With 12 different stories per level, there  will be no problem finding the right book for class.


Art Classic Stories

Art Classic Stories is a unique book series that  combines classical art with the most loved children's stories of all  time. Each book features a famous artist, with story illustrations in  the artists style. The exquisite pictures capture the children's eyes  and guide them to the world of art. The series offers different aspects  of art and stories in a delightful format that makes it enjoyable and  educational. These books can be used in reading tutorials, discussion  class, and art immersion courses and even in a drama class.