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The 10 WAYS TO series provides advice, skills, and  strategies to the readers for successfully negotiating different aspects  of life. Each book suggests 10 clear, useful ways to the reader. The  reader is encouraged to critically reflect on the reading material and  their own lives in order to make any changes that would benefit them.  The series includes the following and is available as an ebook at Amazon books (Amazon Kindle)

• 10 ways to achieve work-life balance

• 10 ways to be more productive

• 10 ways to manage money

• 10 ways to be successful in love

• 10 ways to be assertive

• 10 ways to be smart online

• 10 ways to be environmentally friendly

• 10 ways to be healthy

• 10 ways to work in a team

• 10 ways to organize a trip


Business Readers

The 10-book business reader series tells the story of your first year  working in the product marketing department of ABC Convenience Stores.  The series looks at skills and strategies for being successful in  interviews, the first week on the job, giving presentations, taking part  in meetings, writing emails, entertaining business clients, going  overseas on business, dealing with office conflict, launching new  products, and mentoring new staff. This Series includes the following.

• The Job Interview

• The First Week on the Job

• The Presentation

• The Meeting

• The Email

• Entertaining Overseas Visitors

• First Business Trip Overseas

• The Office Conflict

• The Product Launch

• The Mentor