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For over 40 years Teacher Created Materials has published innovative, imaginative, and award-winning resources for teachers and students in all subjects for Grades K-12. Our driving vision is to Create a World in which Children Love to Learn!



Nonfiction Readers 2nd Edition

Reading Level Grades 1–5  

Interest Level Grades K–12

Common Core Big Idea

Nonfiction Readers provides a progressive development  of reading comprehension through high-interest nonfiction leveled books and comprehensive lesson plans.

Develop foundational reading skills such as phonological awareness, phonics and word recognition, and fluency,  areas which are all associated with growth in reading, using targeted comprehensive lesson plans.

Differentiate instruction and build nonfiction comprehension skills with cross-content books which provide challenging informational text at a variety of levels.


Smithsonian STEAM Readers

Strengthen content-area literacy skills and inspire creativity with these dynamic Smithsonian STEAM sets! Discover engineering innovations, explore the engineering design process, learn about STEAM careers, and engage in hands-on challenges that are ideal for a makerspace. Each book covers every component by exploring how science, technology, engineering, art, and math are used to solve real-world problems.